Touch of the Absolute


© by Simone Sorgalla/2014

What makes you happy? I wouldn’t hesitate and say: It’s the world!

The world with all its sounds, creatures, landscapes, objects, people ... so many gems to find. This ocean cannot be exhausted. You’ll always discover something new. The world never disappoints me in this respect. It’s like an unending painting whose details will never tire me out.
There is music in the world and stories. The world tells you stories. You only need to be open, willing to find and explore them. You play an essential part in them. You are connected to them:  The whole net of community, the flow of conditions, the adventure of the world.

A symphony played by an orchestra right before you, with you.

So, happiness lies basically upon your doorstep. You don’t have to escape into dreams, fairytale realms or seek the exotic of distant kingdoms. You can if want to. But all you need to do - in fact- is look behind the obvious. Then you’ll be able to outweigh the boundaries of poetry and reality and step into the beauty of the absolute. You’ll be touched by the absolute. It’ll bestow you with that kind of lightness that lets you smile, breathe freely and gracefully dance through all obstacles. You’ll find beauty and poetry in everything you see, hear, touch, sense or smell. In everything that comes across you, surrounds you. And that makes you the happiest person in the world. 



A Soul's Like an Ocean

© by Simone Sorgalla/2014

The ocean cannot be defined
It is too obscure
Deep, wide
Reaches far beyond its azure swell
Here it is all and nothing
Always a bit more to discover

Rough and gentle

Sweet, salty

The mermaid knows this
She lives by it

 Ready to dive into it
„How could I have ever let her go?“
You wonder

Oh, she never left
She is the white foam glistening
From the top of the shallow waves
Tickling your ankles



Musician and Mermaid


© by Simone Sorgalla/2013


Musician playing high key for the sea
And himself
On the surface a mermaid
Yearning for his sound embrace

Your ivory touch
Dancing hands
How your movement speaks to her
Calls for her beauty, passion and
Ethereal song rising from the rocking waves

Melodies scaling wisdom, soul, serenity
Travelling towards your harmony
She seeks your creation, laddie
Knows your expressive core
Found comfort at your shore

Her fate, her wish for realness are
Bond to your perfection
Her loyalty shatters at your larger-than-life walls
You, having a love for art,
Cannot perceive the nature of her poetic heart

My musical boy, play on your shore
Queen of the sea plunges into her song
Remaining lore






Wisdom of the Gull

© by Simone Sorgalla/ 2012


Twisty winds scurry ‘cross the sea
Spread the word of their latest spree
Tipsy waves rushing to and fro
Keenly waltzing ebb and flow

The seabird’s mocking cries
Echo weary morning sighs
Early breeze shouting down the shore:
“Ring the bell at ocean’s door!

Who lifts our misty curtain
And reveals the utmost certain?”
The first call of the gull:
“Who’s out this time
Fishing in the dull?”

She’s off to the waterside
Beholds the changing of the tide
Stares with cloudy eyes
Ignores the teasing from the skies

She wades the murky water
A wondrous veil to uncover
What drowned in ocean’s maze,
Drizzled away
And was swallowed by the haze?

With the waking of the ocean
Cannot slight this bitter notion
Stares with teary eyes
Learns the gossip from the skies

“You can’t lift our misty curtain
That conceals the utmost certain”
The laughter of the gull:
“Who’d waste her time
Fishing in the dull?”

Chilly whispers sound ashore:
“Hide the lore of ocean’s floor.”
Greedy waves rocking to and fro
Bury secrets from below

“No one lifts our deep-blue curtain
Leaving one thing to be certain:
You are drifting in the dull.”
That’s the wisdom of the gull